The IQOS 3 is our latest in HeatControl™ Technology solutions. The new IQOS 3 is your IQOS.

The new features of the IQOS 3

The IQOS 3 has a compact and ergonomic design. It is enhanced with the new ProtectPlus™ system for improved reliability and protection of your IQOS (shock resistance, performance tests, longer battery life and improved heating chamber). The IQOS 3 holder is the smallest holder we have designed yet. Easy drop insertion with magnetic lock, vibration alerts and 15% faster charging vs. IQOS 2.4 Plus.


Holder: Dia: 14.42 mm, Height: 92.27 mm
Pocket Charger: Width: 46.3 mm, Depth: 22.88 mm, Height: 114.68 mm

Information regarding the Bluetooth technology

The device has Bluetooth. The associated application is not available in Dubai UAE. 

IQOS™ 3 Holder

IQOS™ 3 Pocket Charger


IQOS™ USB AC Power Adaptor

IQOS™ Cleaning Tool

10 x IQOS™ Cleaning Sticks


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IQOS™ 3 Holder Warm White
IQOS 3 Holder

IQOS™ 3 Holder Warm White

AED 449.00
IQOS 3 Kit Travellers Exclusive Limited Edition +  Free Oil Absorbing Sheet

IQOS 3 Kit Travellers E...

AED 799.00

IQOS 3 Kit Motor Edition Limited Edition + Free Oil Absorbing Sheet + Cleaning sticks

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Vendor: IQOS 3
IQOS 3 is a three-part system; with a holder, pocket charger and a HEETS™ tobacco stick. Once you done, place your holder back in the pocket charger and a few minutes later you holder will be fully charged again.
AED 1,599.00 AED 1,629.00
You save AED 30.00

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