With this new IQOS Ashtray, you can turn your built-in cup holder into an IQOS Tray. It will be always easily accessible, while effectively restrain the smell of used sticks.

  • Stylish ashtray for IQOS sticks
  • Slim size ceramic tray
  • Now you do not need to think where to throw the used stick
  • Nice to touch and beautiful accessory
  • A slimmer version of the IQOS Container
  • The tray has rubber pads on the bottom so that it can stay exactly where you want it.
IQOS Lemon Cleaning Sticks
IQOS Cleaning Sticks

IQOS Lemon Cleaning Sticks

AED 120.00
IQOS Portable Mini Leather Case for IQOS 2.4
IQOS 2.4 Plus Case

IQOS Portable Mini Leat...

AED 120.00

IQOS Ashtray + Free Gift

SKU: IQOS-0183-UAE-1
Availability: In stock
Vendor: IQOS Ashtray
AED 198.00

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