VEEV flavour capsules are specially designed to be used with IQOS MESH. Each pack contains two capsules, each containing 2ml. Select your chosen strength from the dropdown.

High quality e-liquid.

VEEV flavour caps are for exclusive use with IQOS MESH. The cap design eliminates the need for refilling and enables quick and easy flavour switching on the go. VEEV flavour caps contain high quality liquids made in the EU. The liquids contain pharmaceutical-grade nicotine for purity, and authentic taste experience.

Signature flavour.

Our range of 7 signature flavours includes tobacco, menthol and fruit blends. Each vape pod available in 3 nicotine strengths.


1 X VEEV Vape Caps Tobacco Harmony


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IQOS MESH Vape Kit Deep Teal

IQOS MESH Vape Kit Deep...

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IQOS VEEV Vape Caps Mellow Tobacco

IQOS VEEV Vape Caps Mel...

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IQOS VEEV Vape Caps Tobacco Harmony Dubai UAE

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This flavour encapsulates roasted tobacco notes with aromatic tea.


Compatible with IQOS MESH


AED 99.00 د.إ

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